Software will treat the world

“Software is eating the world.” Mark Andressen of Andreessen Horowitz said that in 2011. At WELT, we believe that software can do even more. We believe that software can treat the world.
We develop digital biomarkers and digital therapeutics backed by science and powered by data.

Digital Biomarkers

We unlock the full potential of smartphones and sensors to track, monitor, and predict health outcomes.

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Digital Therapeutics

We leverage data and insights collected via our digital biomarkers platform to deliver personalized, guideline-recommended therapies to manage, treat, and prevent diseases and disorders.

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We work with government institutions and top hospitals in Korea, along with researchers and organizations worldwide.


Our investors represent our belief that a great digital therapeutics company should emulate the spirit of tech, pharma, insurance, and game companies.

Samsung is a global leader in consumer electronics, semiconductors, elecommunications, and digital media technologies. Today, Samsung is one of the most valuable technology brands in the world.

Smilegate is a global gaming company that owns the world's No.1 online FPS game, with over 670 millions worldwide subscribers. Smilegate has regional offices in the US, China, and Southeast Asia.

Handok is an innovative pharmaceutical company in Korea, set as the market-leader in metabolic and CNS disorders.

Hanwha Life is the first and leading life insurance company in Korea. Hanwha Life has the largest number of overseas market in the industry, with subsidiaries in China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Posco is the top 5 infra producer in the world, operating also through engineering, construction, and trading segments. Headquartered in Korea, Posco has subsidiaries operating across 6 continents.

Enlight ventures is a capital firm that invests in start-ups. Enlight Ventures is a general partner of SAMSUNG's outside C.LAB, a corporate startup incubation program.

Established in September 1999, IMM Investment Corp. is a leading investment firm in Korea, focusing on venture capital and mezzanine funds. With longstanding trust of institutional investors, partners and investment professionals continue to create significant values for portfolio companies.