Exploring the Intersection of
Healthcare and Technology


With our sensor-based digital biosignal processing technology,
we have obtained various digital biomarkers applicable for specific health conditions

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Waist Circumference

“Change in Waist Circumference with Continuous use of a Smart Belt:
An Observational Study”

Data of 215 people who wore the smart belt for more than 8 weeks were analyzed.

Meonggyun Lee et al. (2019)
JMIR Publications

Target Indications:
Abdominal Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes

The data showed that the wasit circumference decreased linearly every week for 8 weeks, and at week 8, the average decrease in waist circumference was 0.3 inches.

reduction in waist circumference over 12 weeks

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Gait Analysis

“Association Between Gait Speed
Measured Using a Wearable Device
and Sarcopenia”

Daily-life gait speed of 106 people over 50 years of age was measured for 4 weeks using the smart belt.

Min-gu Kang et al. (2019)
The Gerontological Society of America

Target Indications:
Sarcopenia, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia

The gait speed measured by the smart belt showed that the difference between the sarcopenia patient group and the general group is significant.

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Sitting Posture

Real-time classification of 9 different sitting postures, with notification of poor postures

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Motion Recognition

Motion recognition-based customized exercise assistance program using webcam

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